jueves, 27 de julio de 2006

Dom Yann Derrien

Dom Yann Derrien please do not be afraid
This is no demon’s dream you have made
I am the ghost of your dear mother’s soul
This night to Compostella you must go
Long and far is the path of the pilgrims of old
Paved with pebbles of silver and stones of gold
From Galicia you may deliver my soul
To the city of Compostella you must go
And as the pilgrim’s way you retrace
A beast of darkness you will face
He will entice you your journey to forsake
Or he will cast you in the ocean’s wake
Santiago will you be my guide
And will your spirit travel by my side
This prayer was heard throughout Galicia
Then he appeared at Compostella
And he delivered three souls
His father’s soul, his mother’s soul and his own soul.

Adapatación de una canción popular Bretona por Carlos Nuñez para "Almas de Fisterra"
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